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It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my new book, ‘Rome Secrets: Cuisine, Culture, Vistas, Piazzas’.

Ten years ago, I packed my suitcase and bags of photographic equipment and bought a one-way ticket to Rome, Italy.

I am often asked why I left the golden, sunny shores of Australia to move to Italy, to a completely different culture and way of life and to a country so steeped in tradition.  Mostly, people assume it was for love – for a charming Italian man.

The truth is – it was for love!  Love for a city, a country and a culture, that have captivated and intrigued my imagination.


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Italy speaks to the heart and for me, there was no other choice but to follow this rich, unstoppable source of inspiration, no matter how challenging or crazy it may have seemed at the time.




Over the past decade, living in Rome has been a truly enriching experience, both professionally and personally.

I have come to know and appreciate the city on a deeper level, with its different layers, moods, expressions and complexities.


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‘Rome Secrets’ is a visual journey through the city that I have come to know, away from the glaring hordes and masses that flock to the iconic landmarks, to which Rome is so famous.

Characteristic districts (Rioni) – hidden backstreets and piazzas – noble palaces, villas and secret gardens – local bars and family-run trattorias – neighbourhood markets, mingling with the locals and savouring the true flavours and authentic personality of this great city.


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To find out more about ‘Rome Secrets’ or to purchase a copy on-line (printed and eBook editions) please click here.

Photos and words © Susan Wright

Travel, lifestyle, portrait and editorial photographer, Rome, Italy

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